What is Glip?

Oh no... not "another app". Yes. But it's a great one to use! Glip is fully searchable, real-time chat, task management, file sharing and more, in one easy-to-use app. We can keep everything in one place!

You will receive an invitation email from me to access our project on Glip. After accepting the invitation you can download the app here or just keep using your internet browser.

Turn on notifications so that you'll receive a notification every time I send an update in Glip. Super useful!

Rowan Hartsuiker
Wed, 09:39
I finished working on the Product Page today. What do you think?
Jennifer Blair
Tue, 08:40
Hey Rowan, what's the status of the Product Page we discussed yesterday?
Rowan Hartsuiker
Mon, 16:45
Can you please check the page on your mobile phone. Looks cool, no?

So why should we use Glip?

Here's a few of my favorite features of this app that will help us to work as efficient as possible:

Direct chat

Send me direct messages. Urgent, not so urgent, funny stories... anything!

We can communicate directly through Glip. Of course you can send over an email, but sometimes a simple message would be much easier, no?

Rowan replied to About us Page Design
Hi Jennifer, I just did the changes that you wanted. Please check it out.
Jennifer replied to About us Page Design
Yes. Looks perfect. Thanks!
Rowan created a task:
Optimise design for Mobile

Task Management

Stay updated on tasks I'm working on. Or create a task for me, yourself!

You can keep track of tasks that I'm working on. You can also comment on tasks separately, which makes the complete overview of the project very organized. Best thing; you can create tasks for me yourself, too.

Tasks for Rowan Hartsuiker
Homepage Design
About us Page Design
Optimise design for Mobile
Connect Google Analytics ID
Tasks for Client
Send over Photos
Write text for About us Page

Annotate files

Example: Comment directly on a screenshot of your website. Super easy.

Have a specific change for a specific part of something we are working on? Example case; Make a screenshot of your screen, upload file in Glip, and write directly in the screenshot. Works super easy!

This image should be moved a little more to the left.

Send me funny GIFs

Feeling bored? Feel free to send me funny stuff in-between serious work.

Why so serious? We can have some fun in-between the serious tasks that we work on. Right?