Hello. I'm a webdesigner.
I create beautiful websites.

I have worked together with clients all over the world as a freelance webdesigner since 2014. Fun fact; I am pretty sure I am the only webdesigner you will ever meet, to work from inside a traditional Mongolian yurt-office 😄

Welcome to Studio Corvus.

Although my websites and ideas are modern and up to date, I do value the concept of "less is more". I work on our property, inside a traditional Mongolian home, traditionally called a ger but also known as a yurt. Welcome to visit!

Short history

I officially started as a freelance graphic designer in 2014. I focused mainly on clients who needed new websites or a complete redesign of their outdated website. Therefore my specialty always was Webdesign. But I quickly learned that many of the clients were also in need of graphic design related products. Now, anyone in need of website design or graphic design related services is at the right place!

Growing since 2014

I worked together with clients all over the world since 2014. Including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia and Europe (Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, etc). Although I'm generally a one-man-team, I always try my hardest best to create something beautiful, unique and good for each of my clients; so that both you as my client as I can be proud of it!

So. Why Studio Corvus?

I find it important to offer a quality product for a fair price. A price that’s comfortable for my client to accept and comfortable for me to work with at the same time. Although I'm a small studio, I have a lot of experience in a lot of different projects, varying from design for digital and web and design for printed material as well (products like posters, flyers, business cards, etc.).

Approach & Process

I'm all about client collaboration. I always prefer to work with you, rather than for you. I always have direct contact with you, which allows clear communication and regular project updates – trying my hardest best not to cause any delays in your project(s). I try to define the most appropriate journeys and experiences that deliver the utmost consumer satisfaction.

Our oldest son.
(probaby playing video games at home!)
Our youngest son, Jiro
My lovely wife, Saran
That's me!
Our dog, Raven

Finally, meet our Wolfdog, Raven!

Raven is a "saarlooswolfdog", a Dutch breed bred in the 30's, where a male German shepherd was crossed with a female wolf. If you visit our home, be prepared to be welcomed by my biggest friend, Raven*!
*Do you get the reference? Studio Corvus? ;-)

Do you have a project in mind?

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